Winter programme 2022/23


September 20th 2022  - Sir Thomas Woodcock

The College of Arms and Heraldry in Lancashire

Sir Thomas, recently retired from his post as Garter Principal King of Arms, will cover the origins of heraldry in the 12th century, in 1484 and the subsequent Herald's Visitations between 1530, 1567, 1613 and 1665-6 and the development of Heraldry in the county since then.

October 18th - Dr Andrew Hobbs

Preston’s  Nineteenth Century Newspapers

A chronology of Preston’s 19C newspapers and magazines (there are at least 50 of them) before focusing on two leading figures, George Toulmin of the Preston Guardian and his rival Anthony Hewitson of the Preston Chroicle, and their various clashes.

Andrew will also talk about the role of the village correspondent, who, in a village like Chipping would collect local adverts, local news and gossip and send them to local newspapers covering Chipping.

November 15th - Dr Alan Crosby

Sex and Sin in Seventeenth Century Lancashire

This talk is based on the evidence provided by the records of the quarter sessions courts and church courts. It looks first at the key issue of bastardy, which was of major concern to the authorities (mostly for financial reasons!), and then explores the problem of marital breakdown and questions of immorality and sexual slander. The sources are rich and fascinating, the language used is colourful and vivid, and the cases discussed all come from Lancashire. This is all about the private lives of [some of] our ancestors three or four centuries ago … you might recognise your own surname!

 Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month (except AGM) , 7.45pm. Venue TBA.

December 6th - AGM

Cotton Town Chronicles (1 hour)

A folk based, multi media presentation provides an interesting overview of working life during the age when cotton and coal were king. Key moments of social history provide the context for the song to take centre stage. Each song tells a story – it’s  Grease, Grit and Grime: Mills, Mines and Machinery: poverty, struggle and love and the ability to look on the bright side of life. Songs from the 1840’s and 50’s reflect people’s lives at the time and finish the programme on a positive note.


January 17th - Clive Thompson

The Chipping Water Mills powered by Chipping Brook

In conjunction with Muriel Lord, Clive has put together a presentation of the water mills powered by Chipping Brook with background as to why this brook was suitable, why mills were built, their changing uses through the ages and the people that ran them.

February 21st - Anna Watson

Discovering Browsholme and the Parker family

Discovering Browsholme and the Parker family through their family archive. The archives reveal the history of a fascinating family and their home in the Hodder Valley.

March 21st - Dr Mike Winstanley

Work on the Land in North West England

A discussion of the workforce in the 19th century – men, women and children and how it differed up and down the country and region.

April 18th - CLHS Members

An Historical Tour around Chipping

Using local knowledge to give a picture of the people, occupations and past times in Chipping.