Winter programme 2021/22

Tuesday September 21st - Robert Poole

 Peterloo 1819 to 2019 – Bicentenary

The history and the legacies of the Peterloo Massacre - notably after its bicentenary.

Robert will give an illustrated lecture on the Peterloo Massacre with emphasis on new findings.

Robert is the author of the new book, ‘Peterloo: the English Uprising’ and co-author of the graphic novel, ‘Peterloo, witnesses to a Massacre’.

Tuesday October 19th - David Joy

Liverpool Cow Keepers

The lives and times of the Liverpool Cow keepers is an intriguing part of local and social history. It is the story of the families who, in the mid 1800’s, left their farms in the Pennine dales and relocated to the city of Liverpool in order to keep cows in their backyards and to sell fresh milk to a booming industrial population. David has talked to people who have their own memories of cows being kept in Liverpool. His talk is illustrated with photos from his own family collection and from the collections of others.

Tuesday November 16th - Barbara Gordon

The History of Preesall Salt Mines

The talk will cover the history of the salt deposits in this area, from their discovery in the nineteenth century, through their exploitation, all the subsequent problems in the surrounding area leading to the formation of “flashes”etc, right up to the present day.

Tuesday 7th December   AGM - Pat Ascroft

The Kaleidoscope of Life

Pat’s talk will cover her family history from the time her nine year old grandmother was sent to the "hiring post” in Ulverston with her two older sisters because their mother could not afford to feed them – continuing on to Pat’s childhood in Woodplumpton

Tuesday January 18th - Members' Night

Bring in an item of personal interest

Members are invited to bring along an item which is of particular fascination to them. It would be of added interest to hear about the artefact, its origins and specific meaning to its owner. It is essential to contact us to book a place or request Zoom details. Please email

Tuesday February 15th - Paddy Brown

Local Historian Paddy Brown details the history of the village of Whalley which was once the centre of England’s biggest Parish. From the foundation of the church in the 8th century, through to the arrival of twenty monks from Cheshire in the 13th, Paddy’s entertaining approach to tales of Whalley, the people that make it and the villages institutions makes for an enjoyable evening.

Tuesday March 15th - Heather Davis

Frogs, Firearms and Flames

Heather will give an illustrated talk highlighting the surprising dangers which are often found in the Museum Collections in the UK.

Learn more about radioactive fossils, ancient miracle cloth and children’s toys that go bang.

Heather is the Conservation Manager, Lancashire Museum Service and has previously spoken to us on the Silverdale Hoard

Tuesday April 19th - Maggie B Dickinson

The Ancient Packhorse Trade, its Routes and Bridges

Maggie, her first husband and their daughters enjoyed fell walking and were interested to discover a causied packhorse route running over the moors above Wycoller to Heptonstall’s 16th century cloth hall. They were inspired to research the Pack Trade in the South Pennines. The result of their studies was published in a booklet (now out of print) entitled, ‘Early Trackways’, in the South Pennines. Maggie has added to her transparencies of fifty years ago with digital photography to capture evidence of this system of transport that lasted over a thousand years.  As a free lance writer she has written a number of publications on a variety of contemporary subjects.

Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month (except AGM) in Chipping Village Hall or Zoom, 7.45pm